What Am I? Game

It's a set of flashcards that can be used for various purposes, but specially for playing the "Guess What I Am" Game. This game is very popular, and by using these flashcards you can adapt the game to the classroom. Instructions: One st picks up a card without looking at it, and then he/she shows the card to the rest of the class. (In the original game, you put the card in a band around your head, so that everybody can see it except you). The students asks the rest of the class questions about the flashcard: Am I an animal? Do I live in the city? Am I an object used in the classroom? Am I blue? Can people eat me? etc. The teacher can decide upon the number of questions the st can ask before risking an answer. If the st guesses, she/he gets a point. You can also play in groups, and instead of giving a limit to the number of questions, you can give a time limit, within which each group can pick up more than one card if the players guessed the 1st card. I used some flashcards somebody else had uploaded as a basis to "create"the new ones. Thanks!!!