American Currency

Students can learn about American money, use decimal point or period.
They learn how to write each money amount using digits.
The young students or the beginner at any age need to learn the value of coins and bills. Students can use play money to complete hands on activities in class.The adults can use their own money. They will need to identify the values of different coins and bills, and be given opportunities to practice adding up different amounts. We have to use the real life examples of how money is used. For example, you could tell them about a time that you wanted to buy an ice-cream , and had to add up the money to see if you had enough. The examples should be easy.

Once students understand the value of money, the next step is to practice exchanging money for goods. One way to do this is to create a class store. Students can "sell" school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, etc. Parents can donate these items to the classroom, and students can buy them with a supply of play money they receive. They will learn that goods cost a certain amount, and once that money is spent, they have the good, but no longer have the money. Once the money has run out, students will see that they can't buy any more goods.