Song Worksheet: Hot And Cold by Katy Perry


Everybody loves to listen to songs. Many of the songs we listen to are in English. When we listen to them and we don’t know English, we appreciate the melody and the music, but, of course, we miss out on a big part of the song, which is the lyrics. Lyrics are the words that are used to express whatever the song wants to express. It can be a love song, a song of protest, a song about nature…you name it, there probably will be a song about it! So, since you listen to songs in English because there are many that you like, why not take the opportunity to practice English at the same time?

This is what you can achieve when you practice with songs:
you can improve your vocabulary
you can learn new expressions that will make you more fluent
you can get to sound more natural with better pronunciation and intonation
you can appreciate the natural melody of the English Language
you can train your ears to understand meaning even without all the words

all this while enjoying your favourite songs!