Movie Worksheet: Fawlty Towers (Pilot Episode)

A worksheet to do whilst watching Fawlty Towers 'A Touch of Class' episode. Some comprehension questions (a few with multiple choice answers) and some vocabulary. I did this worksheet with an elementary and intermediate class and both enjoyed it. Although Basil talks incredibly fast, I stressed to the students that they didn't have to understand every word he (or the other characters) says, but that they should try to comprehend the idea of the episode, which they all (including the elementary students) did. If you have never seen this episode, I recommend that you watch it first to deal with any essential phrases/vocabulary that you may need to pre-teach (for example, I pre-taught 'conman', 'to throw something away', 'to cash a cheque' etc).

I teach in Barcelona and the students all found the character of Manuel hilarious, so it's great for Spanish students!