Kitchen Bingo

Bingo game, designed for adults, focusing on some common and not-so-common kitchen vocabulary. Especially good for students with an interest in cooking or who work in a restaurant/kitchen. Upload includes 18 call cards and 8 different bingo cards, along with suggested vocabulary. Vocabulary included: coffee pot, oven mitt/oven glove, grater, tea cup/coffee cup, cutlery, microwave, blender, measuring cup, plate/dinner plate, fridge/refrigerator, frying pan, coffee grinder, salt & pepper shakers, oven. lightbulb, scales/kitchen scales, timer/kitchen timer, rubbish bin/trash can. Can be played with small classes or by dividing large classes into groups of 8 students or fewer. I recommend gluing the bingo cards to thick paper or card and laminating them so they last longer. Have fun!