Monday Madness Game

This game (board and situation cards) was created to revise and practice functional language: apologizing, socializing and asking for help. Originally tailored to upper-intermediate and advanced students, it can be adapted for lower levels as well by creating a set of situation cards containing less complicated tasks. The main purpose is to practice natural, spontaneous reactions to everyday situations (mostly at work, as this was Business English class) while maintaining fun and relaxed environment.
As with most board games, you will need dice and game pieces (we used the ones from Monopoly). The board is color-coded: green for Ask for help, or SOS cards; red for Apologize, or OOPS cards; and blue for Socialize, or Blah-Blah-Blah cards. Students take turns taking cards and acting out their responses to the situations described on them.
Hope you and your students enjoy this as much as my classes did.