Positive & Negative Adjectives Used in Well Known Fairy Tales.And a Bingo activity to go with the words

Here is a collection of positive & negative adjectives used in well known fairy tales.
There are many ways of using them in the classroom.
1. They can be played as a game of Bingo. The teacher can decide on the rules for the bingo activity.
2. The words can be used to develop vocabulary amongst children.
a. The words are written in small chits, folded , stored in a box & circulated.
b. The teacher draws two columns on the black board and labels them as Positive words/Negative words
c. Each student takes a chit from the box and reads it. If necessary, they can refer to a Dictionary.
d. Then they go near the board & tell the other students the category to which the word belongs and write it under the appropriate column.
3. They can also name the fairy tale(s) in which the word/words appear and tell the summary of the fairy tale in 5 sentences.
4. The above activity can be used to form students into two groups; one having the Positive words and the other having the Negative words.