Would You Like to Move in with Me?

Getting to know each other - 'Would you like to move in with me?

Time: 20 min

Preparation: Revise how to form questions with the students before you start the activity. Let students imagine they are all looking for a new flatmate for their shared apartment. In order to find the best suitable person, they have to ask numerous questions that seem interesting and relevant to them (e.g. Find out if you have the same interests so you could do things together, Find out character traits and habits (e.g. orderly vs. messy person) etc.) After having asked at least three people in one-on-one conversations (and writing down things they have in common), students decide who to move in with and justify their choice. This activity takes up at least 20 minutes and is fun to the students as they move freely across the room. Students present their choice in the end, so everyone in the class gets to know at least a few details about everyone. Try to let students who are not presenting write down details about their classmates. A good way is to give students different tasks e.g. one group of students writes down character traits, another group collects adjectives of different habits etc. so you can continue working with adjectives for example. I tried this with my class and they really enjoyed it! Hope you do so too :)