Manners: Good And Bad

This is a game to teach children regarding good & bad manners in different social situations.
Words related to manners are printed out and put in an envelope. The students play ‘Passing the Parcel’.
The child who is left holding the envelope has to answer a few questions regarding the word/phrase which he finds on opening the envelope. (Who will ask the questions?)
For example, if the phrase was “No Bullying’’ he may have to answer the following questions.
1. Do you know what is bullying?
2. Have you seen any body bullying?
3. Have you been bullied?
4. Do you think bullying is good manners or bad manners?
5. If at all you know what is bullying, kindly do share when & how it happened. What was your reaction?
6. What do you want to tell or advice your friend?
Variation A
Students can be asked to make groups of 4. Each group gets a word/ phrase and they can discuss some related issues among them. Later they answer the questions as a group.
Variation B
The children are seated in a circle and each one gets a car with a word/ phrase. They have to form the following groups depending on the word/phrase that they have .
1. Manners while eating
2. Manners at Home
3. Manners at School
4. Manners during Social Occasions.
The children have to move around discuss and then form their groups
Children really loved it.

Lalitha Sundaram