7 Simple Learning Centers You Can Do With Post-It Notes

7 Simple Learning Centers You Can Do With Post-It Notes

Try These 7 Simple Learning Centers You Can Do With Post-It Notes

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    Prefixes and Suffixes

    Visuals are great for ESL students, and post-it notes can be just what your students need when it comes to prefixes and suffixes. Starting with a base word written on a post-it, have students add prefixes and suffixes to the word, each written on its own post-it. Or reverse the process and have them break down a longer word. Want a real challenge? Try breaking down the longest word in the English language: antidisestablishmentarianism!

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    Student News

    Post a laminated piece of poster board in a corner of your room. Label it The News Nook and explain to your students that they can write a short note about something in their lives. If a student has a piece of news to share, give him or her a post-it and ask the student write the news there. Tell students to include their name at the end when they write a note. Encourage the rest of the class to read the notes, and make sure you read them, too. At the end of the week, return the notes to your students and start fresh on Monday.

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    Content Review

    Give your students a self review by writing a question on one post-it and the answer on another. In a folder, stick the answer and then the question on top of it. Students can review the content information by reading the question and self-checking with the answer underneath it.

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    Alphabetical Order

    Write a series of words on post-it notes. (You may want to use current vocabulary words.) Students put the words in alphabetical order on a flip chart. When finished, students can check the answers on the next page of the chart and then re-scramble the words for the next student.

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    And The Answer Is

    Tap into your students creativity with the answer of the day center. Simply write an answer on a post-it note and put it at the center each day. Your students then use their creativity and question writing skills to write the questions it might answer.

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    Becoming Experts

    Challenge your students to become an expert on a new vocabulary term. Write several words on post-it notes and display them in a learning center. Each person chooses one, writes his name on the note, and researches that word until he feels he is an expert. Then, he explains that word to the rest of the class when you review the vocabulary set.

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    Sentence Explosion

    Take a famous quote and write each word on a separate post-it. Then display the words in your learning center. Students must either group the words by part of speech or arrange them in logical order to reassemble the quotation.

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