7 Great Go To Activities for Conversation Class

7 Great Go To Activities for Conversation Class

Try These Great Go To Activities for Your Next Conversation Class

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    Tag Team Role Play

    The classic role play is one of the best activities for your conversation students. For a twist, have two students work as a team in one conversation. If one person gets stuck for ideas or just doesn’t know what to say, he tags his partner in to take over the dialogue.

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    Role Play Change Up

    Have two students start a role play. After they have been talking for a few minutes, freeze the conversation, and have new students take their places. They should jump in as if they were one of the original players. Change players as many times in one conversation as you like.

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    Problem Solved

    Divide your class into two groups, and have each group choose one designated speaker for a role play. In the role play, present a problem to the speakers and challenge them to come to a mutual agreement. Make sure each team has a slightly different ideal outcome for the role play. Speakers can consult with their groups throughout the role play.

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    Give students time to think about what they want to say before they go in front of the class to say it. Have pairs of students write a dialogue (you might want to tie it into your current vocabulary unit) and then perform it for the class.

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    Creative Improvisation

    Write your current vocabulary words on index cards, and have students pull two or three cards. Then, have two students improvise a dialogue, each racing to use his words in an appropriate context first. The first one to use all of his words wins.

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    Mystery Partner

    Have one person role play the host of a party. Each guest (four or five other students) has a secret identity that the host must discover through conversations with them. Once the host correctly identifies each guest, the guest can sit down. Repeat the activity until everyone in class has had a chance to play either the party guest or host.

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    Interviews are a great way for your students to practice their conversation skills. Start by having students interview their classmates, but move on to other students in the school as well as native speakers they run into on a daily basis.

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