A Christmas Carol Booklet

A printable simplified story that can be folded into a booklet.

Ebenezer Scrooge was a rich, old man. He had a lot of money but no friends. He was very mean, he hated spending money and he hated Christmas.
It was Christmas Eve and everyone was shopping. They bought decorations for the Christmas tree, presents and food.
Scrooge was in his office with Bob Cratchit, who worked for him for very little money. Cratchit was a very nice person. He was poor and had a big family. At six o’clock Cratchit went to Mr. Scrooge and said: ‘Excuse me, sir. Tomorrow is Christmas Day, can I stay at home with my children?’
Scrooge was angry and he said ‘I don’t pay you to stay at home! Christmas, everybody talks about Christmas! I hate Christmas!’
After work Scrooge went home. It was dark and snowing. He took his key out of his pocket to open the door, and stopped! On the door was a face. It was Marley’s face – the man who worked with him and now was dead.