Rainbow Fish Interractive Story PPT

This is a PPT that has circulated around the expats in China teaching Primary EFL.
It is constantly moving and holds children's attention. Learn the timings and this can last well into 2 lessons.
Introduce Rainbow fish, draw on board and get students to colour in a scale with different chalk colours. It also works well when I have them pretend - one at a time - to be rainbow fish: they swim up to me, and I turn away saying 'wo by yao' i dont want - immitating the fish not wanting to be friends with Rainbow fish. When Rainbow fish is crying to the starfish, get the children to come up and pretend to cry - always one at a time. This interaction keeps the large classes attention and kids always want to join in. If they start to loose focus, move onto the activity of drawing their own rainbow fish, you should walk round with colour pens -- felt tips or stickers, and they should ask you for the colour in English! Great fun, easy to deliver and a definite life saver when you are put on the spot! Good one to keep in your back pocket for emergencies.