Song Worksheet: 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

The activity is built around the song by Jason Mraz called "93 million miles". I thought it would be a nice idea to work with some general knowledge on the Solar System and then have students interpret the message in the song. The answers for the distances are

Jupiter is 964 million farthest point
Mercury is 48 million miles closest point
Venus is 23.7 million miles at its' closest point
Mars is 36 million miles closest point
Saturn is about 100 billion miles closest point
Uranus is about 2.57 billion closest point
Neptune is about 4.4 billion km closest point
Pluto is about 4.2 billion km. and this is when earth is farthest from the sun and the Earth and the sun is 93 million miles.
Earth and the moon is 240 thousand miles.

The questions posted after the song are subjective, so it will probably get students to say what they think about them.