TV Series Worksheet: Friends (S06E09)

This worksheet is based on the ninth episode of season 6 of Friends (which is my favorite Friends episode!) and it includes spotting idioms and phrases, filling in the blanks and choosing the correct word type of exercise. It also suggests a small composition in the end: a dialogue using some of the mentioned idioms from the episode. If your students are not into writing or you don't want to do it that way, role playing seemed to work very well in my classes.
I hope you guys enjoy. Your students certainly will, because this episode is hilarious!

Students love the plot and I can assure you that they will probably download the whole season to see how it ends! You can also prepare more activities and use them for the other episodes of the show. If you do, upload them to the site so other teachers can use them. There are plenty of other worksheets related to Friends on BusyTeacher too, such as The One Where They All Turn Thirty and an episode about hotels.