Speaking Activity and Writing: Bucket Lists using Present Perfect and Simple Past

I use this worksheet to help student practice the difference between the present perfect and simple past.

Activity 1: Speaking Activity. I cut up part 1 and 2, and just pass out 1.
a) First I talk about the idiom and go over my bucket list. I then have students write their own.
b) Next I model a speaking activity and have them ask me questions about my list to discover what I have done and what I haven't done yet. Student write a check next to things I have done and an x next to things I haven't done yet. If I say yes, I students to ask follow up questions in the simple past.
c) Next, I have them switch lists with a partner and ask each other they same questions to discover what their partner has and hasn't done. If their partner answers "yes"they must ask a follow up questions in the simple past, ex: "When did you study abroad?".

Activity 2: Writing Activity. Pass out part 2.
Students write two paragraphs talking about what they have and haven't done, providing more information on things they have done using the simple past. I often peer correct for this activity.