What They Said, What They Meant

I came across this while preparing a lesson on culture. It's not my own work but it's a great activity [kindly provided by http://www.ideels.uni-bremen.de].

Participants in IDEELS simulations come from different countries, cultures, and academic disciplines; even though we use a common language to communicate during an IDEELS simulation, our own cultural conditioning affects both the way we use that language and the way we interpret what others say and write in that language.
Here is a list of authentic statements found on signs, in newsletters, and in advertisements. In each case, it is safe to assume that what the writer intended to communicate is different from what was actually said. Decide what the writer intended to express, how this message might have been more effectively expressed, and what about it might lead to "mis-communication" and misunderstanding.

Print out this table and complete it with a partner. Compare your interpretations and answers with those of your other teammates.