Song Worksheet: Fortune Teller by Maroon 5

This worksheet contains the lyrics of a Maroon 5 song (Fortune Teller). I prepared it for the topic of fortune telling/predictions as a relaxing but still engaging activity. First page: lyrics with missing lines. Second page: the missing parts. (Be careful! This song might become a complete disaster, if students have a rather conservative taste in music.)
1. Prepare a photocopy and cut the slips for every pair of students.
2. In class, you introduce the topic of fortune telling. Then comes a little guessing game: each pair gets the small slips, they read it, and they need to create a story for the song. (What kind of song is it? What's the story of the song?)
3. They get the worksheet and as they listen to the song, they try to put the missing lines into the proper places. Call their attention to the recurring stanzas (marked with 3 stars and an arrow).
(4. Afterwards you may also want to inspire them to write a story: the story behind the song.)