School Supplies

I made this bingo keeping in mind a few things.
Children use a lot of stationery/school supplies items every day in the school, but they do not know the correct names of them or the correct pronunciation.
The bingo will familiarize them with the names as it will make them learn them many times in a fun way. Children will also learn the spellings unconsciously by repeated use rather than boring drills.
Playing this bingo will help them to listen carefully to the pronunciation of these words as well as understand them. Play the bingo with the usual instructions.
There are 9 pages altogether.
You can print, cut and laminate each sheet separately so that you can use with different groups of children.
Suppose there are 27 children in the class, you can divide the children into nine groups of three each.
Each group gets one of the laminated Bingo sheets.
When the group is ready. The game begins.This way it inculcates team work.
By laminating I saved lots of paper.