Print Module Gerunds 1

After seeing how well our gerunds worksheet was received we have decided to put our entire gerunds module on Busy Teachers. We hope it serves you well. Each Gerunds Module presents various structures for gerunds at an incredible value.They provide a comprehensive collection packed with an introductory worksheet, two handouts, two types of speaking drills, a story sheet with exercises and drills and a sentence jumble sheet. Also included: a fully itemized teacher's guide with teaching tips and tried and true techniques, a lesson plan and complete answer key. Every lesson is specially designed to maximize speaking & listening practice in classes of any size, especially those larger classes where individual work is all but impossible.The exercises are ideal for keeping the entire class speaking and listening with little or no downtime. Every module is economically priced to provide teachers with an abundance of material for several class periods. Also, each section of the modules is specifically designed to allow multiple reviews and teacher customization.