15 Common Proverbs PPT

Description: This PPT is like a list of common proverbs but it has pictures complementing each proverb and it is intended to be used to encourage discussion and opinions and for students to become familiar with some proverbs through discussion of their meanings. The second slide explains what proverbs are for students and after that there are 15 proverbs. Here is one way this PPT can be used: First, check that the students understand the words in the proverb; second, let them discuss the meaning in pairs or groups; third, elicit responses. Additionally, you can make it competitive so that the pairs/groups get 1 point for each incorrect suggested meaning the groups/pairs suggest, 3 points for very creative by incorrect meanings and 5 points for a correct or possible meaning. Also, encourage the students to think about whether they have a similar proverb in their culture: Is it the same or slightly different, why might this be?