A Gamut of Techniques to Teach Phrase and Clause Modifiers

Grammar is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for English as Second Language (ESL) learners. Yet it is the key for the transition from functional language use to absolute fluency. Thus it has always been a long term advocacy of learning institutions like Cagayan National High School to provide adequate, if not effective, strategies to expose the students to the various skills in grammar accuracy/fluency acquisition. Of the skills tested among the 3rd year high school students during the school year 2011-2012, the use of phrasal modifiers is the least mastered. What could have caused this dismal mastery? One hypothesis could be that the strategy used is not suitable for the learners- a square peg in a hole. Another could be that the technique is one that is antiquated- a far cry from the fast paced digital world. Add to these could be that ESL teachers have not taken their time to cover all concepts and teaching of the language focus- from engagement, to enhancement, to remediation and to creative activities. This gamut of intervention materials is conceptualized to augment techniques, to provide alternative ways, to fortify the skill of identifying and using phrasal modifiers. In addition, the activities aspire to revisit schema, enhance the creativity and critical thinking of the students.