Movie Worksheet: Futurama. Season 1. Episode 1. (IELTS)

Last year I had a pretty difficult situation: I had a number of advanced students and I simply ran out of material in the textbook that we used. So I had to make something really challenging and enjoyable for them. I decided to make IELTS-like worksheet based on Futurama series: several question-types that they were supposed to answer after watching the episode. I managed to subdivide the entire episode (about 20 minutes) into a number of scenes and for each scene I created several questions. When we watched the episode for the first time I had to push "stop" button after each scene so that the students might have a chance to answer the questions. After they watched the entire episode for the first time (and answered the questions), we watched the episode one more time (without pauses). Then we checked their answers. I hope that the worksheet would prove useful for you as well, fell free to use it as you deem appropriate.