The History of Art (Painting)

1) “What’s the Earth without Art?” It’s just “EH”. That’s an introduction to this lesson plan. 2) Then comes a general talk about art and eliciting the vocabulary needed. What is art? What types of art do you know? Who defines art? If speaking about painting, what can an artist depict and what are the names of different types of pictures? (landscape, seascape, portrait, still life etc.) 3) Give your ss the picture with different painting styles (p.2) and ask them to try to explain the differences. 4) Present words in italic on the board and ask ss to think again and use new vocabulary to define different styles of painting. 5) Divide ss into groups and give each 3-5 strips of paper with the description of different styles without its name (p.4). Ss try to guess which style is described. 6) Give each s a copy of page 3. Let them check their answers. Read about all the styles paying attention to the usage of the new vocabulary. 7) As home task I asked my ss to find online 1-2 examples of some certain style of painting and prepare a short presentation about them (general facts about this style, artist, name of the picture, the picture itself, describe what you see and what the artist really wanted to show.) 8) As an optional activity for creative ss you can ask them to make their own small drawings/paintings in one or several styles and then the group will guess what style it is. This activity was great fun for my teens! Hope yours will love it as well!