Movie Worksheet: Into the Wild. Society vs Wilderness

The worksheet contains the whole lesson plan on topic “Society” or “Society vs Wilderness”. 1) Ss get p.1 to brainstorm what comes to their mind when they hear the word “society”. To give them a hint you can ask what people have created to be different from wilderness. 2) What can be good and bad things about society/living in society. 3) Show a book cover “Into the Wild”. Brainstorm what the book can be about. Read the description. Let ss come up with ideas why this guy decided to escape from society. What can be the end of the story? 4) Watch a movie scene. Check your ss’ answers. Ask more questions. 5) Give a wordcloud to groups/pairs of ss for them to recollect the situations where these words were used. 6) Show a picture “Happiness only real when shares”. This is one of the things the character of the book/film wrote in his notes. Any ideas what it means? 7) Discuss quotes of famous people about society. 8) Do a general revision discussion.