Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Mini Kamishibai

I used pictures from the video made by Edewcate ( to create this mini kamishibai and tell the tale of Rudolph to young learners. The pictures help them understand the story. To make your kamishibai : - Print out the pages. - Write down the text of your story on the back. Depending on how you show your pictures, you might have to pay particular attention to which slide's back will be in front of you when the picture you're talking about is in front of the kids. If that's too much trouble, I'd advise showing one page at a time and having the corresponding text on its back. - Prefer a dark background when you show the pictures, the colours will "shine" better this way. If you can create some sort of frame/screen, the effect is that of a TV, which is a great way to catch their attention. Depending on how advanced the kids are, you can do various follow-up activities based on the song (I'll post the song worksheet soon). With pre-int. kids, I work on story-telling a lot, so we focus on the past and can in the follow-ups (they have to create a hero and imagine their story). For very young learners who can't write yet, you can have them redraw the story to create their own mini-book for example.