"Apples to Apples" Variation Game

This is a variation of the famous American “Apples to Apples” game where the point is to find the best (funniest, craziest, most suitable) noun for an adjective. The judge (who is the teacher first) takes out one letter of the alphabet from the box/bag/whatever you have. He picks up one adjective from the list that starts with this letter. Each student comes up with one noun to suit the adjective (they can say it orally or write on small pieces of paper and give to the judge; also they can come up with random nouns or pick up one letter of the alphabet for their noun to start with). Once everybody has given their answers, the judge decides on the best idea. The person whose noun it was gets one point and becomes the judge. Usually the person with more points becomes the winner in the end. My advice – never skip reading or repeating all the “adjective+noun” combinations. It’s always good laugh!