At the Airport - Travelling by Plane

For this presentation the teacher's guidance is neccessary. It will help you to prepare your students in case they travel somewhere by plane. It guides you from the entrance to the airport through all the stages a person may/will encounter while travelling by plane. It also includes useful phrases and questions being asked by the employees and it is up to the teacher to provide students with an adequate answer. In this presentation the main expression is always covered and with a click of your mouse the cover will disappear and the phrase will be visible. However, there are clues (collocations with gap fill, pictures, phrases, questions) to help your students "guess" the correct phrase. On some occasions the phrase being guessed is in the picture. You should also work with each picture, ask guiding and additional question to tell them about things not mentioned in the presentation. You can also add some slides/phrases or delete them if you wish. Good luck :)