This game is based on a TV program. You may work with any kind of vocabulary you wish, like TV programs, songs, artists, movies, etc and also you are able to adapt the game according to their levels. These vocabulary words were set to make students remember the basics. Write each word on an individual index card. Two students sit in a circle or stand up in front of the class with a timer set for a random amount of time. (20 - 30 seconds maximum). Shuffle the cards and give one card to student A/B. To correctly guess the “password”, student A/B should give student B/A clues. The maximum is 5 in 20-30 seconds (as you have already set before). Example: if A gives a clue like “yellow”, B should give any word related to the color (sun, color, etc). If the word given by student B is not the “password”, then A must give him/her another clue, like “fruit”. B should say another word related to it. What is “yellow” and a fruit”? Banana. So the password is banana. When students A/B get the “password”, change to another duo of students and repeat the steps above.