9 Types of Teachers All Students Love And Hate: Do You Recognize Yourself?

9 Types of Teachers All Students Love And Hate: Do You Recognize Yourself?

Who are you for your students?

The answer to this question seems obvious: you are their teacher, their educator, a person who shares his knowledge with them and tries to teach them everything he knows. It may be a surprise for you, but your students hardly think so.

After checking and examining some college life blogs and communities, I was lucky enough to determine 9 types of teachers all students love and hate at the same time. Can you recognize yourself here?

Do You Recognize Yourself in Any of These Descriptions?

  1. 1

    A Newbie

    When this teacher enters a classroom for the first time, he smiles and believes he will be able to deal with all problematic students at once. He is sure all students will love and listen to him carefully, read all books he offers, do all assignments he gives, and be real angels who love the process of study and everything connected to it.

    Such a teacher is really excited about the fact he was lucky to get this job. He is energetic and nice in general, but very soon he will realize that the work of a teacher is not as easy as he believed before.

  2. 2

    A Very Strict One

    This teacher can be called every student's worst nightmare. He is not able to encourage or excite his students, because the only thing that worries him during a lesson is discipline. Such a teacher will start a lesson demanding no one say a word, and he will end a lesson wondering why no one answered his questions.

    This teacher is sure he knows everything about his students' lives. He wants a student to follow all the rules, and he considers his student a complete idiot and a very problematic person if this student does not follow the rules established.

  3. 3

    A Joker

    This teacher sincerely believes he can become his students' best friend if he speaks the same language with them. So, he always tries to tell some funny jokes and be a great fellow. The problem is, students do not consider these jokes funny. They do not care about those jokes actually. And such a teacher looks... hmm, how to say that... a little bit strange to them.

  4. 4

    A Nerd

    This teacher is interested in the scientific part of his subject only. He wants his students knew all terms, formulas, graphics, etc. He wants them to write and tell everything the way it was written in books, and he considers homework the only good way for students to learn something. That is why he gives tons of homework.

    It's not a problem for such a teacher to ask a student to write a cool and detailed essay due tomorrow. Even if it's Christmas tomorrow for example. As far as you understand, students will hardly love him.

  5. 5

    A Retiree

    This teacher is old. Literally. He is trying to use all newest strategies in education, but he does not like them. He believes that students were much better and more responsible 20 years ago, and the system of education was much better as well. He always tells students how bad they are today, he hates school in general, and he can't wait the moment when he finally leaves this Sodom and Gomorrah.

  6. 6

    A Self-Lover

    This type of teachers worries about nothing but himself. He spends time during a lesson telling his students some stories from his personal life, and he does not care whether his students need listening to them.

    As far as you understand, students do not care about their teacher's personal life. Everything they want to tell such a teacher is “Hey man, just teach us and let us go home”.

  7. 7

    A Robot

    Such teachers often make their students fall asleep, talking to them with an incredibly monotonous voice. And it does not matter whether they talk about English grammar or a school on fire.

    When this teacher speaks, his students can't keep their eyes open. Literally. They consider such a teacher the most boring educator they could ever have.

  8. 8

    A Nice Guy/Gal

    This teacher is a dream of every student... who does not want to study. Such a teacher allows to call him by name, he never raises his voice when students forget their homework, fail tests, etc., and he always tries to treat them the best he can. The problem is, students soon understand they are free to ignore such a teacher, and...

    The moment comes when such a teacher becomes a very strict one, as he feds up with such students' behavior.

  9. 9

    A Fellow

    This is a type of teachers all his students will remember for sure. He knows how to make the process of study fun and how to motivate students in very unusual and non-standard ways. For example, he may dress like Shakespeare for reading his poems in a classroom. Or he may promise to come in a suit of a chicken if all students get A-marks for their essays. And he does it actually, that is why all his students love him.

Teachers and educators are different, as well as students. And if we believe we have the right to divide them into several types, why can't they do the same with us?

Do you know what type of a teacher you are for your students?

This is a guest article by Alex Strike, a freelance writer of Bid4papers blog and a private educator of French.

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