4 Pictures 1 Word - Easy/Medium II

This activity is based on the application for mobile phones. In this presentation you´ll find 15 pictures (15x4 if I should be precise). Every 4 pictures have something in common and the goal of the ss is to guess the correct word. There is a clue for ss - the number of letters in the word. There are clues for the teacher at the end. The teacher should ask guiding questions, and when the word is guessed s/he should make sure ss understand all the meanings and that they can differentiate between word classes (nouns, verbs). Make sure the pronunciation is correct if it differs with individual meanings. There can be more meanings to the word presented, you can use it as a clue, or as additional information after the word has been guessed. This is great to teach multiple meanings, involves higher-order thinking and is supported by pictures (good especially for those with visual learning style).