True of False Table Game (First Conditional)

Here is a true or false table game I've made to practice first conditional. What you need to do is: to print out the page with questions for each player, print out one page with the table game,  find a dice and markers. Each player receives a page with the sentences in first conditional he/ she must finish. To finish them, the player should use imagination and write some true and some false facts. When everyone is ready, players exchange their sheets of papers. The first person to go throws a dice and reads a completed sentence from the page he/ she has got. For example: "If I go to China, I will try fried grasshoppers.". The player tries to guess whether this sentence is true or false. The author of the sentence gives the right answer. If the player has guessed it right, he/she moves his mark according to the number on the dice. If not, then he/she stays at the same place. The player to reach the"Finish" point first will win. Hope, it helps. Enjoy!