Advertising - Logos and Commercial Techniques

This presentation gets your ss thinking about how advertising works and functions well as both a listening and speaking lesson - duration 1.5-2 hours. Part 1 Logos begins with a logo quiz.(You may wish to change some logos as this version includes some specifically Chinese brands.) Students are then invited to think what makes a good logo - simplicity, memorability, reflection of the product, beauty. Part 2 Adverts - poster advertizements and then a series of commercials asking them to consider the Q's on slide 7 for each Ad. (the commercials listed on slide 10 are all on youtube and are just suggestions.) Part 3 introduces the ideas of ethos, pathos, and logos. The youtube video explaining them is funny, simple and invaluable to the presentation. The ss are then presented with a new series of posters and commercials and asked to assess if E, P or L or some combo was used to tempt buyers.  Part 4 - Commercial project. Ss are asked to design their own product advert and perform a commercial for the class using the skills they have just studied.