Soccer Equipment and Gear (Drag and Drop Activity)

How much do your students know about soccer equipment and vocabulary? Do they know the names of gear and equipment items used in soccer? Teachers can use this activity as a trigger for speaking and teamwork. This activity can help the teacher change the classroom routine and motivate the students to participate in the discussion. In order to be able to use this interactive PDF, you need to have Adobe Reader version 9 or later. Therefore, you may need to update the version already installed on your computer before you can use this activity. I have received messages and comments from teachers saying they can open the file or the file is empty, but this is mainly due to the use of an older version of Adobe Reader. You can install a free version free by visiting Adobe’s website. Please, if you have any recommendations, suggestions, or remarks, do not hesitate to get in touch. I appreciate any comment you may have. Enjoy!