The Best of Busy Teacher: Top 10 Verb Tenses Worksheets

The Best of Busy Teacher: Top 10 Verb Tenses Worksheets

Every ESL teacher finds themselves going over verb tenses whether they have beginning level students or post advanced students.

Verbs are always something worth reviewing with your English students. The following worksheets review different aspects of verb tenses. Some focus on simple verb forms while others concentrate on irregular forms. Most of them are most appropriate for lower level students. What they all have in common is this: they have been voted favorites by busy teachers just like yourself. So take a look at the best Busy Teacher has to offer for print and go verb tenses worksheet, and make yourself a little less busy in the process!

Try These 10 Most Popular Verb Tenses Worksheets

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    Verb Tenses – Board Game (Changing Sentences)

    In this simple to play but not so simple to win game, students move along a path to the finish line. For each space on which they land, they must take a sentence in the simple past, simple present, simple future, present progressive, or present perfect and change the sentence into affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. It is a fun and enthusiastic way to review verb tenses and sentence structure and will challenge your students’ abilities to modify already grammatical sentences.

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    Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

    This simple worksheet tests your students’ ability to choose correctly between the simple present and the present continuous/progressive. Use with your students as is or modify it to test another tense. The colorful template is easily modified to become a worksheet on whatever verb tenses your students are currently studying.

  3. 3

    Future (Will, Going to, and Present Continuous)

    This is a grammar lesson and printable exercises all in one. Print a set for each student or to use in class, or keep a few on hand in a grammar learning center. Students can read the explanation of when to use each future form and then practice what they have learned with four different written exercises. The worksheet also comes with an answer key so students can check their own work. This worksheet is best for beginning and intermediate level students though could be used as a review for more advanced students.

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    Past Simple Bingo

    This standard Bingo game comes with eight different playing boards and eighteen irregular verb cards. You pull a verb card and read the infinitive written there. Students must then say the simple past form of that irregular verb and find it on their Bingo cards. This game is ready to go just by clicking the print button, but you can preserve your set a little longer if you choose to laminate the boards and verb cards.

  5. 5

    Irregular Verbs: Memory Card Game

    In this print and go crazy eight style card game, students try to complete families of irregular verbs. The game is designed for two to eight players and will challenge your students to learn forty-two irregular verbs, grouped into families based on their irregular forms, while having fun at the same time. Before you play, have students look at the families and note what each has in common. Then shuffle the cards and you are ready to play. Deal six cards to each player. Players then take turns asking their competitors for specific cards that match those they already have represented in their hands. When someone has completed a family of six cards, they set the family in front of them and it is no longer in play. The player with the most complete families at the end of the game wins.

  6. 6

    Verb Tenses – Board Game (Using the Right Tense)

    In this game, students travel along a path of verbs to reach the finish line. As they travel, their opponents dictate which verb tense they must use for each verb space they land on. To play, you will need one game board, one die, and place markers for each group of two to four players. The game is designed to challenge students with the simple present, simple past, present continuous, and past continuous but can be modified to test any tenses you choose with just a few minutes’ work. The more competitive your students are, the more of a challenge it is to win this simple game. You could also leave it in a learning center for groups of students to play during free learning periods.

  7. 7

    The Smartest Way to Learn Irregular Past Verbs

    This worksheet is a great reference for your students who are learning irregular verbs. This worksheet groups one hundred irregular English verbs into categories based on their past form and their past participle. If your students are struggling to remember all the irregular verbs English throws at them, this sheet will be an invaluable reference that they can refer to again and again. If you like, print it on large paper and use it as a poster display in your classroom. Just be sure to cover it before the test.

  8. 8

    Verb to Be Worksheet

    This comprehensive worksheet gives beginning students eight different exercises to practice using the verb to be. The exercises include using to be with contractions, negative statements, interrogative statements, and subject verb agreement. If you need a quick review of this key English verb, this is the worksheet for you and your students.

  9. 9

    Past Simple Irregular Verbs Worksheet

    If you are looking for a review of irregular verbs in the simple past, this may be just right for you and your students. This three page set gives students several irregular verbs with illustrations and then challenges them to use that information in five different exercises. Print off a class set as a review, or keep several copies handy for students who finish other work early and need a simple activity to fill their time.

  10. q

    Past Simple Worksheet

    This print out gives you two sets of exercises, fifty questions each, which test your students’ knowledge of the simple past. It requires knowledge of both regular and irregular verbs. You can use the print out as a pretest, practice exercise, assessment, or evaluation for students at the beginning level. Or keep copies on hand for students to use during independent learning periods.

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