Review or Placement Test for Dyslexics

I creatied this worksheet for dyslexics who need tutoring. I use it mostly as a review sheet when they get back to school, so as to determine whether there are some specific points that need intensive reviewing before moving on. In terms of contents, it's a regular test that covers several basic grammar points through varied exercises that include reading, writing, listening and speaking. What makes it better for dyslexics is the layout: arial font in 14, alternating colors (black and grey) for each line when the text get a bit crammed to avoid the "dancing lines" effect, colors and bold letters in directions to highlight the key elements.I found this works really well. The doculent is fully editable, but if you're working with dyslexics, please keep in mind this layout is very important. Dyslexic people find it hard to read texts when they are presented as some sort of block. 
Hope this helps.