Song/Movie Worksheet: Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb ways to die is a music video campaign from an Australian railway company. The idea is to illustrate how silly it is to die doing something dumb. Most of them are common sense and the tone is humorous and light. The final message is "Be safe around trains" and the song is quite nice too.
First, just watch the video (link included in the worksheet). Then there's the song worksheet classic: blank-filling, with common words missing and snapshots from the video to help the students.
After that I put a vocabulary/picture matching activity for more specific words from the song. Then there's an introduction or review of the superlative for short adjectives. After that, I get the students to discuss matters in relations to the video. The final activity is to get them ready to speak for at least 2 minutes about the video. I also added a sing-along time at the end, to finish on a relaxing note.