Personality and Appearance Adjectives Quartets Game - The Simpsons

This is a variation of a fun quartets game that you can use for revising character and/or appearance adjectives. There are two parts in this activity - in the first part students create their own playing cards (good for revising adjectives or for learning some new ones) and then they play the game (they practise saying the adjectives and by connecting them to a visual image they can remember them better; they also practise asking "Have you got/Do you have" questions). I chose the characters from the TV series The Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Nelson, Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders) that I assume everyone knows at least a little, so that students can use really various adjectives. Students work in groups of four or five. Each group gets a set of 32 cards and students have to find four appropriate adjectives to describe each person and write these adjectives at the top of each card (for example intelligent Lisa, pretty Lisa, considerate Lisa and reliable Lisa). Students can use the adjectives they already know or you can encourage them to come up with new ones. Then they write the other three adjectives below the picture. When all cards are filled in, one student shuffles and deals them out. The student on his left (A) starts the game by asking for a card they need to complete a quartet, for example "B, have you got reliable Lisa?" If student B has got this card, he hands it over and student A continues asking. They can ask whoever they want but can only ask for a card of a quartet which they already have at least one card of. If student B hasn't got this card, it's his turn to ask. The game ends when students don't have any more cards and the winner is the student who has the most quartets at the end of the game.