Never Again! Shudda Stayed at Home

This worksheet is to practise talking about regret while working on the pronuncation shudda (should have). Students start by reading a review of gig, then they have to identify at least ten problem. This offers a good opportunity to work on vocab while also questiing the student why this was a problem, get them to defend there decisions whilst eliciting the correct language. Atfer they have defined the problems, they have to think in hindsight what the organizers should have done differently, a grammar explanation can be done at this stage if needed. Next, would be a good opportunity to drill pronuncation, instead of should have shudda. it can be done a few times if needed. Finally students look at pictures of your last holiday, say what went wrong and thing 3 you shudda done differently for each picture without repeating any past participle twice. This worksheet can easily be adapated for low levels working on should instead of should have, just change should have for should.