What's in Your Fridge?

This board game is the second one in the series of "What's In Your..." games. It aims at revising food and drink items (apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, juice, coke/soda, sausages, chicken, meat, cheese, milk, ice-cream, yogurt etc. ), structure "I have some...", numbers. Each student throws the dice (I have a handmade with 3 dots maximum), moves his counter, names the food item and ticks it in his fridge. When a student reaches "double all your dairy products" square, he double ticks the dairies he has already got. The winner is the one who has more foods and drinks in his fridge (students count their products). To sum it up, each student describes what he has got. Extension: students say what items they lack (I haven't got any...) or ask their partners questions (Have you got any...?...Yes, I have/No, I haven't).