At the Information Desk

At the Information Office is an activity inspired by one of the functional language lessons of Challenges 2 (Pearson coursebook). The procedure I used was the following: 1. Give your ss a chance to fill in the gaps (first 10 slides). 2. Pair the ss up and shoot the next chunk - with more gaps to fill (this time they act out the dialogue, one person being an info office worker, another one - a tourist), using the sentences on the projector screen ss try to remember what the missing word are. 3. Put ss into different pairs, have them do the same but this time with even more gaps to fill. In the end, if time remains, have a feedback by throwing a ball to a person, him/her saying the line without any help and then throwing it to the peer for him/her to continue the dialogue. Have fun! And of course, find the keys in the last part of the presentation.