Ice-breaker Activity

This ice-breaker activity allows teachers to get to know their students in a fun and easy way using music. This activity is similar to the hot seat games, but in this case students do not leave the game when they can’t find a chair to sit on. First, you need to write down some guiding questions on the board, like: where do you live? Where are you from? What sport do you practice? Etc. Secondly, explain the idea of the activity to your students, so that they are prepared to talk about themselves or their families. Thirdly, organize the chairs (one less than the total number of students you have in class) in a row, or in a circle. When you have all this ready, play some music and ask students to start walking around the classroom. When you pause the music students need to find a chair and sit on it. The student who can’t find a chair is the one who will have to answer one of the guiding questions. The student who is closer to him gets to ask him the questions he wants. He can choose one of the guiding questions or can come up with his own.