Present Perfect Review Game

This is a review game for the present perfect tense, both in its form and in comparison with the simple past. You should review these tenses briefly before starting, as well as time tags with both tenses and using present perfect for present results. The game has 6 categories and I write these on the board with numbers going down from 1 to 5 points. Questions for 5 points should be more difficult, and go down to the easiest questions for 1 point. There are 6 cards for the 5 questions just in case. Students take turns and try to get more points. Questions - just respond in a complete and correct present perfect sentence. What have you done - an acting game, it will specifiy if it should be silent or if you can speak (but not say the answer). Ever - just think of any correct Present Perfect question with ever and ask another player. Only the question needs to be correct. Creative Cat - draw the prompt to get other students to guess. Close answers count. Results - read the sentences and answer true or false questions. Have you or did you - take the sentences given in present tense, and put them in either present perfect or simple past based on the Time Tag provided. All Play questions should be scattered throughout the game. When a point is selected containing an All Play question, the all play is played with the whole class first before the student can answer the normal question. All Play is for the whole class to write down either a present perfect sentence if the time tag is unfinished/unspecific, or a past simple sentence if finished/specific. Any correct sentence counts.