Are You Ready to Teach Overseas? 6 Locations You Should Consider

Are You Ready to Teach Overseas? 6 Locations You Should Consider

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, you might be ready to travel overseas to teach English as a second language.

If you have just graduated and are looking for a job teaching English, you might be ready to travel overseas. If you want to see the world and meet the amazing people in it, you might be ready to teach overseas. I know my experience teaching on the other side of the world was life-changing. It was nonstop adventure and something I will never forget! If you are ready for an adventure of your own, here are some places to consider teaching overseas.

If you want to teach…

6 Overseas Teaching Locations You Should Consider

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    To Experience Adventure

    One reason some people like to travel overseas to teach is because they are looking for adventure. When you teach in another country there can be no end to the excitement you experience, from seeing exotic locations to trying to take a bus downtown. If you are looking for an adventure with your teaching experience, consider going to Vietnam. The younger population there is hungry for education, and if you are certified to teach TEFL, you might be the one to satisfy their appetites. You can save money while teaching as teacher salaries are often significantly higher than the cost of living. And teacher hours are often 20-25 hours per week leaving you lots of time to explore and seek out adventure. And one thing is for sure. If you teach in Vietnam you are sure to experience new and exciting things at every turn.

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    To Make Money

    Though I taught in the United States for most of my ESL career, the majority of my students came from the same country – South Korea. Studying English is very popular there, and many students follow up with their studies by travelling overseas to the U.S. or other English speaking country. If you are considering going overseas, you might want to head to South Korea. ESL teachers who work in Korea often have many jobs to choose from and can bring home a nice paycheck. You can often make enough money to pay your expenses and still manage to save hundreds of dollars each month. If being able to pay off student loans or some other financial obligation is important to you, you might consider travelling to South Korea to teach English.

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    To Experience Paradise

    Have you dreamed of a paradise destination where you can share your love of the English language with your students? If so, you might consider going to Nicaragua to teach. Situated in Central America, Nicaragua has not become the tourist destination other countries near it have. That means you can enjoy the volcanic landscapes and tropical beaches in this paradise with less impact from the travel industry. You may get to see nature in all her glory and still make a living teaching English. You’ll never see beauty just like the beauty Nicaragua offers, so consider teaching there if you want to have your own stint in paradise.

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    To Connect with the World

    Whether you are into manga and anime or you just want to see another part of the world, you might consider teaching in Japan. One of the unique opportunities Japan has to offer is a government sponsored program for teachers of English as a second language. Through this program, teachers are placed in schools throughout the country. The intent is to develop ties between Japanese youth and their counterparts overseas. You’ll have to apply for this program, and not everyone is accepted. But if you want to work with an established program with guidance throughout the application and teaching process, consider this opportunity. You can also find government sponsored programs in Chile, France, and Spain.

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    To Give to Those in Need

    Have you heard of World Teach? It is an organization that allows English teachers from around the world to travel overseas to underprivileged areas. In today’s global economy, being able to speak English is a huge advantage in the business world, but not every area can afford to bring in a teacher. That’s where this organization comes in. You can travel to places like Ecuador, Micronesia, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Poland, and South Africa. If you are looking to give back with your knowledge of the English language, perhaps you should consider working with World Teach.

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    To Make Friends

    Many countries have international schools where ESL teachers are needed. Personally, I taught overseas in East Asia at a school for internationals. While the majority of students in the school were American, they still needed two ESL classes. These classes were for students who did not speak English who wanted to attend the school. It was my job to prepare them for mainstreaming in the American school. The advantage to this type of teaching job is that I had an instant community of expats (my fellow teachers) who could encourage and support me on my international teaching adventure. They were all English speakers, and we taught in the same school. While I was there, I made some friendships that will certainly last a lifetime. When you go overseas, support systems are very important. A position in an international school often comes with a ready-made community who can offer support to you both in teaching and in life. You can find these types of schools all over the globe. You might want to start your search here.

Wherever you decide to go, keep in mind what resources you will have once you get there.

You may want to stock up on English reward stickers, bookmarks, small gifts from your home country, and even reproducible text books for use in your classroom. You might even consider getting some training in teaching ESL before you go (if you aren’t certified in the subject) or the language of your soon to be host country. Most of all, prepare your friends and family for the challenges that await you and them as you teach overseas. Communication isn’t always easy when you are the opposite side of the world from your loved ones. Figure out before you go how you will keep in contact with the people who are important to you. If you do these things, teaching overseas can and will be an experience that will change your life.

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