Captain America: Civil War - 3rd Conditional, Reported Speech, Degrees of Comparison

I created this worksheet to have a little grammar revision with my students. It is dedicated to a new Marvel film "Captain America: Civil War". I like it a lot and learners enjoy discussing superheroes too. You will find the following tasks: 1. Discuss Marvel films. 2. Read the plot of "Civil War" and choose your side (Captain America or Iron Man). From the point when the students have decided on the side they are with, you can divide them into pairs or teams and let them compete doing the following exercises: 3. Open the brackets using the 3rd conditional. 4. Transform the dialogues from the film into the reported speech. 5. Match Avengers with their childhood photos and discuss how they have changed. Of course I owe no rights for the characters, pictures and dialogues, they all belong to Marvel, I just use them for the sake of education.