Phrasal Verbs Speaking Game - Don't Say It!

This speaking activity can be used for one-to-one classes, pair work or groups. It would work best with small teams so the game can be played as a contest, similar to charades where the teams need to guess what the player is describing. Game instructions are provided. Students need to elicit a phrasal verb from their teacher/peers without using the key words listed. Each phrasal verb is accompanied by an example sentence which shows the phrasal verb in context. The language used in the example paragraph is aimed at higher level learners, but can be omitted or adapted for lower level learners. The table of phrasal verbs, sentences and key words can be cut into strips and drawn from a hat or bag to add a fun, random element to the game if being played in a competitive setting. This worksheet has been carefully graded for second language learners and has been created by a trained, experienced language teacher. For more original worksheets and teaching related articles, visit