Shopping at a Japanese Convenience Store

This worksheet is a fun activity for students to practise a shopping dialogue and prices and food items. You need to print and photocopy the money and credit card so you have 2 bills and one CC to give to each student. Because my students are Japanese, I have used a Japanese conbini and items to practise with. Each student has 1,000 yen to spend at the conbini, they have to write down what item they want, flavour or size, and the price. Once they've done that, go over the dialogue with your students if they're ESL. Students have to janken (rock, scissors, paper) and the winner is the shop assistant, loser is the customer. At the end of the dialogue, the loser has to hand over one bill or one credit card for the winner to keep. Winners are those with the most money, and also those who can check off their whole shopping list.