Personality and Character Traits

This is a worksheet designed mainly for adult learners, however, it can be optimized for teens as well. This Power Point presentation helps go through the vocabulary on personality and character. At the beginning of the presentation it is recommended that a teacher asks introductory questions to the students: Do you trust the first impression? What kind of people often lie and how can you spot a liar? How can you get an idea of smb's personality on a first date/at a job interview? etŮ. The slide with geometric shapes is used to elicit topical vocabulary which can be done through a variety of custom ways. However, what I like using is looking at each shape as a separate hypothetic anonymous personality with a set of ennumerated character traits. I ask students whether they know such people and what it feels like to be around them. All in all, the presentation structure is characterized by increasing difficulty and adaptability for various study groups.