Comparison of Adjectives - Dangerous Animals

Hello colleagues all over the world! This is basically a gap-fill text about dangerous animals. Usually I give them a little input about the animals before I give them the worksheet. I always show them 4 pictures via projector: saltwater crocodile, bird spider, Africanized honey bee and a great white shark. Then I aks the pupils what these animals have in common. Answer - they’re all dangerous animals. After that I give them a short input about these animals  accompanied bythe worksheet they shuld complete.
Great white shark: it can reach a length of 7m. It only attacks people when it mistakes them for a seal.
Saltwater crocodile: it can also reach a length of 7m. A lot more people are dying of crocodile attacks than of shark attacks.
Bird spider: they are poisonous. But most of them are not very aggressive only when they feel threatened.
Africanized honey bee: it is a crossbreed between a regional honey bee and an African honey bee. They’re also called ‘killerbees’ because they are aggressive and can sometimes chase their victim for miles. I hope you like it!