Movie Worksheet: Daily Routine of the Queen (Simple Present)

This worksheet is designed to be used with a YouTube video. It helps learners practise the use of the simple present tense to describe daily routines. Play the video using this link:


It is a gap-fill activity. The video shows lots of pictures which show the Queen's daily routine. The pictures have sentences describing them with a word missing. There are three words to choose from written below the sentences. Learners must choose the correct form of the verb, using the simple present tense and with or without the third person singular "s" ending. It can be done as a speaking activity or as a writing task using this worksheet. The answer key is provided.

Disclaimer: The video is simply a fun way to practise the use of the grammar structure. The information in the video is not a factual account of the Queen's daily routine. Also, it includes pictures of the Queen herself as well as actors impersonating her. I hope your students enjoy it!